Tuesday, 12 August 2008

MOZAC Science Poem 6


Milk is as precious as a mother,
Gives nutrition on par with her love,
Milk and mother go together,
A pair like angels above.

To the newborn, sweeter then honey,
The first taste of being alive,
You can’t buy this with money,
It’s a chance to grow and strive.

Fluid secreted by mammary glands,
For mammals their young to feed,
Its composition accordingly blends,
From mother’s diet to its breed.

Antibodies avoid infection,
Calcium for bones and teeth,
Vitamins prolong protection,
Balance diet to live and breathe.

Powdered milk from the cow,
Enriched, high-cal or low-fat,
They substitute a mother somehow,
Still she is the best, believe that.

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