Friday, 29 June 2007

Students' School and Class Projects

X-press O Buddy Board

This is where you can express your feelings, thoughts or ideas. X-press O Buddy is always there for you.
" Simple music can make you sing,Simple hugs make you feel better, Simple things can make you happy. Hope that with our simple X-press O Buddy Board will make you smile. :) "
From X-press O Buddy to dearest R.E.D Tunnel visitors....
" Sometimes I say hi, Sometimes i don't, Sometimes I reply, Sometimes I won't, But no matter how many sometimes is, you will be in my mind not sometimes but ALWAYS"

Sample of EST reading material

Sample of reading material available in Mozac R.E.D Tunnel.

What is R.E.D Tunnel?

R = Read E = Explore D= Digest

On the ground floor of block C, next to Arts Room.

At Muzaffar Syah Science Secondary School Melaka, Ayer Keroh, Melaka West Malaysia

1. As one of the PPSMI ( Teaching and Learning Science and Mathematics in English ) projects.
2. To improve students' listening, reading and writing skills.
3. To produce creative and analytical students
4. To create awareness among students on the importance of English as an International Language
5. To foster good relationship among students through the sharing of ideas, experiences, information and opinions.

What can you do at R.E.D Tunnel?
1. Read articles / reading materials taken from various resources.
2. Do quizzes on general knowledge of English Language, Biology,Physics,Chemistry, Mathematics and Technology.
3. Learn Mathematics, Science and Technology terms and terminology in English
4. Learn to appreciate students' project work and class work displayed.
5. Relax and listen to English radio channels.
6. Express own feelings/ideas/opinions/suggestions etc on "X-press O Buddy Board".
7. Do language exercises taken from D.I.Y Box.
8. Contribute own reading or written materials to R.E. D Tunnel

The Official Opening of R.E.D. Tunnel

MOZAC R.E.D. Tunnel is officially opened to all visitors especially the Muzaffarians on the 26th June 2007. Alhamdullillah and thank you to all Muzaffarians.

p.s : Ignore the date and time appeared in the photo. That is due to technical error of the digicamera.
R.E.D Tunnel is meaningless without a RED bench. He..he..he..
By the way, any volunteers to be the R.E.D tunnel Committee Members?

Let us paint the tunnel RED. Wanna help us?

Welcome To R.E.D Tunnel

Hi there bloggers. Welcome to Muzaffar R.E.D Tunnel.

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