Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Learning English with A Difference

This is how the students of Form One learn English.

The ICT Carnival at Jempol, Negeri Sembilan

Two English teachers, Pn Amesah and Pn Haniza participated in a SMART school ICT Carnival at Jempol NS from 23.8.08-24.8.08 representing MDEC and BTP. They used a new ICT device called EIkit for a teaching and learning demonstration to 7 friendly and active students of SMK Serting. What a great time they had!

This is a blog produced by one of the students. DO PAY A VISIT TO THIS BLOG

Friday, 22 August 2008

List of occupations you need to know

Hi there,

Here is the list of occupations you need to know. Click Me.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Earth Day Competition : The Finalists

The Proud Malaysians


Happy 51st Independence Day Malaysia

MOZAC Science Poem 11


Greetings, ladies and gentlemen,
Stand up for what is true,
Show concern for the environment,
The ones with courage are few.

World development is countless,
In all countries, rich or poor,
Sophisticated technology is endless,
New inventions are on the rise for sure.

Clever scientists are our pride,
Machines created, burden eased,
Misuse brings destruction to your side,
Like poison suddenly released.

Reflect on the use of development,
Don’t let it destroy the world,
Give protection to the environment,
It is more precious than a pearl.

Pollution is a daily affair,
Mother earth is in constant battle,
Chemical gases are polluting the air,
A big problem that we must settle.

Suffocating in smoke and haze,
Brutality of modern machinery,
We are all stuck in a maze,
Our lungs are heading for misery.

Humankind must stop and ponder,
Cherish the good and clear the flaw,
Come all, hold hands and surrender,
And vow not to mess with nature’s law.

MOZAC Science Poem 10


A blue carpet, vast and endless,
Under moving clouds, white and grey,
Shimmering waves, steady and ceaseless,
Beating the shore, night and day.

I bring peace to those in need,
I help fishermen make a living,
Seagulls fly above me to feed,
Within me fish are surviving.

In charge of a world beneath the sea,
Creatures and plants of different species,
The supply of oxygen comes from me,
I keep all alive and free from disease.

What I have is what you want,
An abundant source of protein,
Wish for seafood I shall grant,
Squids or seaweed…what do you mean?

The heavy seems weightless in me,
Every move made, is safe and effortless,
Humans and whales swim easily,
Drowning in the ‘Dead Sea’ is meaningless.

During monsoons in December, I’m dangerous,
Fishermen die in my dire turbulence,
When tsunami strikes, I’m heartless,
Believe me, everyone will need an ambulance.

MOZAC Science Poem 8


Lady Earth...
I watch you silently...
149.6 million kilometers away
Filled with helium and hydrogen
Burning typical yellow...
In true majesty...

Lady Earth...
There’s nuclear fusion in my heart!!!
Sheer energy...
Transported to my face,
From the central core of emotion,
Oh! It radiates into space
Can’t you feel the heat?
Can’t you see the light?
Reaching out to you!!!

Lady Earth...
I watch you silently...
Dusk till dawn,
Through dark night,
I light a moon...
The torch of love,
To shine your way...

Lady Earth...
Don’t walk away...
Just once...
Look at me,
A star, so close to you...
The Sun!!!
Then softly whisper,

MOZAC Science Poem 9


Flames burning bright,
Feeding on wood and oxygen,
Emitting light…
Illuminating darkness…
Dispensing heat…
Killing the chill!!!
I burn…

In gentle flames…
Comes delicious meals,
In controlled heat,
Rises cakes and cookies,
Great to taste!!!
Lips praise…
In giant flames,
Homes turn to ashes,
In fiery speed,
Great forests are destroyed,
Unbearable pain!!!
Hearts curse…

Flames burning bright,
Feeding on a candle wax,
Guiding light…
Offering friendship…
Leading gently…
Killing fear!!!
I burn…

MOZAC Science Poem 6


Milk is as precious as a mother,
Gives nutrition on par with her love,
Milk and mother go together,
A pair like angels above.

To the newborn, sweeter then honey,
The first taste of being alive,
You can’t buy this with money,
It’s a chance to grow and strive.

Fluid secreted by mammary glands,
For mammals their young to feed,
Its composition accordingly blends,
From mother’s diet to its breed.

Antibodies avoid infection,
Calcium for bones and teeth,
Vitamins prolong protection,
Balance diet to live and breathe.

Powdered milk from the cow,
Enriched, high-cal or low-fat,
They substitute a mother somehow,
Still she is the best, believe that.

MOZAC Science Poem 7


Spiders have eight legs,
Arachnid is their name,
Spiderlings hatch from eggs,
Hunting is their game.

Spiders spin their homes,
Netlike silky, sticky webs,
Trapping insects that roams,
Which the spider nabs.

Some spiders are large and hairy,
Tarantulas and black widows bite,
Of its pain and poison be wary,
Never let a spider out of sight.

MOZAC Science Poem 5


Where there’s water, there’s fish,
Be it from saltwater or freshwater,
The fish is an excellent dish,
And with the right recipe, tastes better.

Put the fish in three groups,
Perch and Salmon are just ‘bony’,
Sharks and Rays are ‘cartilaginous’ troupes,
Lampreys hand Hagfish, ‘jawless’ and funny.

Gills are tiny blood-filled filaments,
Extracting oxygen from water,
There’s no other breathing elements,
So ‘Death’ is a crucial matter.

Humans needs limbs, fish needs fins,
Dorsal and anal fins help in balancing,
Pelvic and pectoral fins steer sharp as pins,
Caudal fins know where they’re heading.

Sensing surroundings with lateral line system,
Detecting subtle changes in water pressure,
Fish dance according to aqua rhythm,
Scales give protection, they’re treasure.

Some fish lay eggs, some don’t,
Others give birth in reproduction,
Some feed their young, some won’t,
A life cycle of great creation.

MOZAC Science Poem 4


Pinna says…
“My dear,
The ear is to hear
Do not…
Fear the ear!”

Traps sound-waves,
Pushes victims into murky darkness,
The auditory canal.

Seeking help…
Victims beat eardrums.
Ceaseless vibrations travel…
The three ossicles,
And stirrup…
“Wake up! Detective Cochlea!
Nerve wrecker!
Send this message for decoding.

Call Dr. Semicircular Canals!
Line damaged?
Will be the result!

The destined enemy…
High frequency!
Promise of ultimate loneliness
Being stone deaf…

Pinna still says…
“My dear,
The ear is to hear,
Do not…
Fear the ear!”

MOZAC Science Poem 2


Flowers are a beautiful sight,
They soothe your mind and soul,
Symbolize love, so warm and bright,
Lift you up when you’re cold and down.

Red rose signifies everlasting love,
Hibiscus is worshipped by the nation,
Frangipani brings news from above,
Flowers are truly an attraction.

The cycle of life starts to bloom,
In a blossom so sweet yet fragile,
Without fruits and trees comes doom,
To a flower so perfect and agile.

Stigma crowns its pretty head,
Flanged by proud filaments,
Supporting stamens that are made,
To keep pollen in its compartment.

Colourful petals and fragrance as bait,
For butterflies, ladybirds, bats and bees,
Ovary and ovules, both patiently wait,
For a match to love and leave in peace.

Alas, the arrival promises a wedding,
In self or inter pollination,
A seed capsule is born and budding,
An offspring for procreation.

MOZAC Science Poem 3


Oh brain!
On the throne...
The king of kings!

A hundred billion neurons
The entire nervous system
And communication network
The Mighty One!

By an armour of skull
Family of
Cerebellum, cerebrum
And medulla oblongata
The Mighty One!

Absorbing, expanding, evolving,
Beyond the ability of computers,
With gift of creative ideas,
The Mighty One!

Oh brain!
On the throne...
The king of kings!

MOZAC Science Poem 1


In green leaves...
Locked in sheer embrace…
Under the morning rays

Suck water from soil
Glistening rich!
In a sudden rush
Of moisture…
Leaves refreshed!

Carbon dioxide escapes…
Creeps into the stoma…
Underneath the lip-shaped cells…
Its hiding place…
Green shades on the epidermis…

The birth of carbohydrate…
The sign of strength,
The symbol of energy,
The secret of activity,
Docile beings…
Dry bodies…

The living…
In this cycle of life,
A beautiful panorama…

We stare…

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