Tuesday, 12 August 2008

MOZAC Science Poem 11


Greetings, ladies and gentlemen,
Stand up for what is true,
Show concern for the environment,
The ones with courage are few.

World development is countless,
In all countries, rich or poor,
Sophisticated technology is endless,
New inventions are on the rise for sure.

Clever scientists are our pride,
Machines created, burden eased,
Misuse brings destruction to your side,
Like poison suddenly released.

Reflect on the use of development,
Don’t let it destroy the world,
Give protection to the environment,
It is more precious than a pearl.

Pollution is a daily affair,
Mother earth is in constant battle,
Chemical gases are polluting the air,
A big problem that we must settle.

Suffocating in smoke and haze,
Brutality of modern machinery,
We are all stuck in a maze,
Our lungs are heading for misery.

Humankind must stop and ponder,
Cherish the good and clear the flaw,
Come all, hold hands and surrender,
And vow not to mess with nature’s law.

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