Tuesday, 12 August 2008

MOZAC Science Poem 2


Flowers are a beautiful sight,
They soothe your mind and soul,
Symbolize love, so warm and bright,
Lift you up when you’re cold and down.

Red rose signifies everlasting love,
Hibiscus is worshipped by the nation,
Frangipani brings news from above,
Flowers are truly an attraction.

The cycle of life starts to bloom,
In a blossom so sweet yet fragile,
Without fruits and trees comes doom,
To a flower so perfect and agile.

Stigma crowns its pretty head,
Flanged by proud filaments,
Supporting stamens that are made,
To keep pollen in its compartment.

Colourful petals and fragrance as bait,
For butterflies, ladybirds, bats and bees,
Ovary and ovules, both patiently wait,
For a match to love and leave in peace.

Alas, the arrival promises a wedding,
In self or inter pollination,
A seed capsule is born and budding,
An offspring for procreation.

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