Tuesday, 12 August 2008

MOZAC Science Poem 10


A blue carpet, vast and endless,
Under moving clouds, white and grey,
Shimmering waves, steady and ceaseless,
Beating the shore, night and day.

I bring peace to those in need,
I help fishermen make a living,
Seagulls fly above me to feed,
Within me fish are surviving.

In charge of a world beneath the sea,
Creatures and plants of different species,
The supply of oxygen comes from me,
I keep all alive and free from disease.

What I have is what you want,
An abundant source of protein,
Wish for seafood I shall grant,
Squids or seaweed…what do you mean?

The heavy seems weightless in me,
Every move made, is safe and effortless,
Humans and whales swim easily,
Drowning in the ‘Dead Sea’ is meaningless.

During monsoons in December, I’m dangerous,
Fishermen die in my dire turbulence,
When tsunami strikes, I’m heartless,
Believe me, everyone will need an ambulance.

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Flash Animation