Tuesday, 12 August 2008

MOZAC Science Poem 5


Where there’s water, there’s fish,
Be it from saltwater or freshwater,
The fish is an excellent dish,
And with the right recipe, tastes better.

Put the fish in three groups,
Perch and Salmon are just ‘bony’,
Sharks and Rays are ‘cartilaginous’ troupes,
Lampreys hand Hagfish, ‘jawless’ and funny.

Gills are tiny blood-filled filaments,
Extracting oxygen from water,
There’s no other breathing elements,
So ‘Death’ is a crucial matter.

Humans needs limbs, fish needs fins,
Dorsal and anal fins help in balancing,
Pelvic and pectoral fins steer sharp as pins,
Caudal fins know where they’re heading.

Sensing surroundings with lateral line system,
Detecting subtle changes in water pressure,
Fish dance according to aqua rhythm,
Scales give protection, they’re treasure.

Some fish lay eggs, some don’t,
Others give birth in reproduction,
Some feed their young, some won’t,
A life cycle of great creation.

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