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Gulp and Gasp ( Video )

I just love the video clip. Good camera work.

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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Synopsis of Step by Wicked Step by Anne Fine

It is a wild and stormy night when five British school children from Mordanger School arrive ahead of their classmates for a week-long field trip at "haunted" Old Harwick Hall. With the aid of flashes of lightning, the two girls Claudia and Pixie and three boys, Robbo, Ralph and Colin find a long-abandoned secret room containing a mysterious journal. On the cover, it reads, ‘ Richard Clayton Harwick – My Story. Read and Weep’. From the journal, the children uncover the story of a boy who runs away from the sinister influence of a loveless stepfather. Richard Clayton Harwick's long-hidden journal provides an inner tale that triggers off, one by one, each of the stories of the listening children, all of whom also have "steps," or step-parents, to share their own sagas. And what engrossing, heart-rending stories they are: of hurting but still humorous children picking their way through a minefield of embittered or uncommunicative or just plain immature parents, insecure or reluctant step parents and resentful step siblings. However, the lack of a principal plot is of no consequence as the novel main purpose is to serve as a forum for the various stories. "Step by Wicked Step" proves that all pain eventually heals and that we have the power to change things for the better.

NEW KBSM Literature Titles for Form 1-5

Lower Secondary: Form 1 to Form 3


1. I Wonder – Jeannie Kirby
2. The River – Valerie Bloom
3. Mr. Nobody – Unknown author
4. Heir Conditioning – M SHANmughalingam
5. A Fighter’s Lines – Marzuki Ali
6. Leisure – William Henry Davies

Short Stories

1. Flipping Fantastic – Jane Langford
2. One Is One and All Alone – Nicholas Fisk


* Rumplelstiltskin – Angela Lanyon

Upper Secondary: Form 4 to Form 5


1. In the Midst of Hardship – Latiff Mohidin
2. He Had Such Quiet Eyes – Bibsy Soenharjo
3. Nature – H.D. Carberry
4. Are You Still Playing Your Flute – Zurinah Hassan

Short Stories

1. QWERTYUIOP – Vivien Alcock
2. The Fruitcake Special – Frank Berman


* Gulp and Gasp – John Townsend

Form 5


Step by Wicked Step by Anne Fine

Monday, 26 July 2010

Being Descriptive

IJN Does Transplant Again

Instruction: Read the text.

After a lapse of two years, the National Heart Institute (IJN) performed a lung transplant on a patient last night.The family of Chiew Fong Neo from Tangkak, agreed to donate a pair of kidneys, cornea, liver, lungs and heart valves after the hit-and-run accident victim was declared brain dead. Their generosity enabled IJN to perform its first lung transplant since 2007 when the country’s first heart and lung transplant patient Siti Salmah Jasni was operated on. Siti Salmah died on Nov 28 the same year.
According to Chiew’s sister Fong Kiao, 54, the victim, who was working in Singapore, was hit by a car at Taman Tangkak Jaya on Sunday.She said her sister had previously made known to her family her wish to donate her organs.
IJN heart and lung services clinical director Dr Mohamed Ezani Mohd Taib left the institute at 11am for Muar before flying back with the lungs. This is the first time the Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital in Muar has harvested organs from an accident victim.Its director Dr Ahmad Pauzi Abu said it was a team effort by several parties, including IJN, the hospital, the Armed Forces and police. He thanked the victim and her family for their noble act.
Theme : Health ( Adapted from NST)

Instructions: Say these words out loud.

1 lapse
2 institute
3 family
4 donate
5 valves
6 hit-and-run
7 generosity
8 patient
9 operated
10 victim
11 previously
12 clinical
13 specialist
14 effort
15 Forces

Instruction: Write down the definition of the words given.

1 transplant
2 performed
3 declared
4 harvested
5 noble

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Should Exams Stay?

Speaking Practice 2: Topic : Making Positive Comment on Food


A: What a wonderful dinner!
B: Thank you. I am glad that you are enjoying it.
A: Where did you get your fantastic recipes?
B: I grew up cooking. My mother shared her recipes with me.
A: I especially like the wonderful chicken dish.
B: That is a special coconut ginger chicken with rice dish.
A: Is that shrimp in the soup?
B: Yes, do you like it? I added a little extra lemon grass and some sea vegetables.
A: I am happy that the wine I brought for you works well with this meal.
B: Yes, thank you for bringing the wine. It really complements the meal.

A: This is a great meal!
B: Thank you. I am glad that everything turned out so well.
A: Who taught you how to cook this well?
B: I took a cooking class at the Culinary Institute.
A: Wow, what is in this chicken dish?
B: Isn't that great? That is coconut ginger chicken with rice.
A: Is the soup a shrimp soup?
B: Yes, there is shrimp in there along with sea vegetables and lemon grass.
A: I think I got lucky in choosing a wine that blends with this meal.
B: I appreciate you bringing the wine. It goes well with the chicken.

A: I really love this meal.
B: Thanks. I was hoping that you would all enjoy this meal.
A: Where did you learn to cook these amazing dishes?
B: I got a really wonderful cookbook for my birthday and decided to try out a few of the recipes.
A: The chicken is out of this world!
B: I love that dish as well. It is coconut chicken with rice.
A: I was wondering if there was shrimp in the soup.
B: Yes, that soup has a shrimp base. I also added sea vegetables and lemon grass.
A: It worked out well that the wine that I brought to share seems to blend well with this meal.
B: I love this wine! It goes very well with the chicken

Speaking Practice 1 : Topic - Ordering Fast Food

Ordering Fast Food

A: Welcome, what would you like to order?
B: I would like to get a double cheeseburger.
A: Would you like everything on it?
B: I would like everything on it, thank you.
A: Do you want any fries?
B: Let me get some large curly fries.

A: Can I get you anything to drink?
B: Sure, how about a medium Pepsi?
A: Is that everything?
B: That'll be all. Thanks.
A: You're welcome, and your total is $5.48.
B: Thank you. Here you go.

A: Hi, what can I get for you?
B: Hello, may I have a double cheeseburger?
A: With everything on it?
B: That sounds great.
A: Did you want fries with your order?
B: May I get a large order of curly fries?
A: Did you want something to drink?
B: Get me a medium Pepsi.
A: Would you like anything else?
B: No, thank you. That's it.
A: No problem, that'll be $5.48.
B: Thanks a lot. Keep the change.

A: How may I help you?
B: A double cheeseburger sounds good.
A: Everything on it?
B: Yes, please.
A: Would you like fries with that?
B: I would love large curly fries.
A: Would you like anything to drink?
B: Yes, let me have a medium Pepsi.
A: Will that be all?
B: Yeah, that's it. Thank you.
A: Your total comes to $5.48.
B: Here you go. Thank you very much.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Group Presentation on Form 4 POEMS by 4 Teta 2010

The Midst of Hardship prepared by Transcenders Group

He Had Such Quiet Eyes prepared by Dynamic Network Group


Nature prepared by Ultimate Combination Group

Are You Still Playing Your Flute prepared by Anonymous Group

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Teens Issue on Relationship

Parents - Teen Conversation: From a survey done

Is the glass half full or half empty? About six out of ten teens (67% of girls and 62% of guys) find it difficult to talk to their parents about relationships. Still, about one in four teens (27% of guys and 24% of girls) say it’s easy to talk to their parents about relationship issues.

Teens have lots of reasons why they don’t talk with their parents about love, sex, and relationships, including fear of their parent’s reaction,worry that their parents will think they are having sex, embarrassment, not knowing how to bring the subject up, and the belief that parents won’t understand. Parents want to talk to their children about these topics but freely admit they often don’t know what to say or when to start the conversation.

Fast Fact: We know from previous surveys that there is a conversation disconnect between parents and teens. Teens say that parents are having helpful conversations with them about sex and related issues but there is disagreement about just how often. For example—89% of adults said that they’ve had a helpful conversation about sex, love, and relationships with their teens but only 71% of teens agree, according to a previous survey.

Parent Tip: Remember to monitor your children. Perhaps talking to your kids honestly about love, sex,and relationships may help them understand. They need guidance on what is good and bad for them.

Teen Tip: Help your parents out—be patient when they broach tough topics such as dating and relationships, and especially sex. It is very much awkward for them too!


“ A serious relationship is just deeply caring about the person you are with no matter what they want. Being in love has a huge part in that because if you
love someone you wouldn’t push them into anything that can jeopardize his/her future or their good practices in life and religion. Whatever it is GOD is watching take a good care of the trust and your beliefs in GOD”

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