Sunday, 15 June 2008

What is hydrophonics?

Hydroponics from the Greek 'water working', is simply growing plants without soil. (Hydro=water and Ponic=working)

Hydroponics may also be called 'controlled environmental agriculture'.

In a complete controlled environmental agriculture system you control:
light, temperature, water, CO2, oxygen, pH and nutrients

A Hydroponic Garden is low maintenance and efficient. Every other day a pH check is done and water level topped up. Nutrient is changed every 7 - 12 days. A timer is recommended to automatically turn the light and garden on and off.

Tips Propagating Seeds

optimum temperature 75 degree F to 85 degrees F
optimum humidity 80% to 90% Relative
remove humidity tent daily
24 hours light until first true leaves appear
then remove humidity tent, 18 hours of light/day
use only diluted nutrient on seedlings
seed soak-foliar feed-Superthrive BI harden -off, increases light and nutrient levels gradually
foliar feed nitrozyme for 3-5 day harden off period
bolting-increase light intensity and/or ventilation
yellow leaves-increase vegetative nutrient strength

Tips Propagating Stem Cuttings

use 6" humidity dome
18 hours light/day
rooting hormones-Wilson roots, Stim Roots, Willow water
remove largest leaves to avoid wilting
remove tent permanently after 10 days
damping off fungi-better air circulation,and/or treat with damp off
browning leaf tips-to much nutrient.

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