Sunday, 15 June 2008

Hydrophonics System : Aeroponics


The adventurous hobbyist may wish to try an even more exotic method of growing plants. In the aeroponic system the roots of the plant grow in a closed container. A misting system bathes the roots in a film of nutrient solution and keeps them near 100 percent relative humidity to prevent drying.

The container may be of almost any design as long as it is moisture proof and dark. Tomatoes may be grown in tall, narrow containers lined with plastic. Lettuce and strawberries have been grown in A-frame containers (Figure 7) to make the best use of available space and light.

Position the spray nozzles so that at least a portion of each plant's roots are sprayed directly. You may leave the nozzles on at low pressure continuously or operate them intermittently, on for 20 seconds and off for 40 seconds. A fungicide may be added to the solution to avoid root rot pathogens.

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