Thursday, 25 March 2010

Teens Issue on Relationship

Parents - Teen Conversation: From a survey done

Is the glass half full or half empty? About six out of ten teens (67% of girls and 62% of guys) find it difficult to talk to their parents about relationships. Still, about one in four teens (27% of guys and 24% of girls) say it’s easy to talk to their parents about relationship issues.

Teens have lots of reasons why they don’t talk with their parents about love, sex, and relationships, including fear of their parent’s reaction,worry that their parents will think they are having sex, embarrassment, not knowing how to bring the subject up, and the belief that parents won’t understand. Parents want to talk to their children about these topics but freely admit they often don’t know what to say or when to start the conversation.

Fast Fact: We know from previous surveys that there is a conversation disconnect between parents and teens. Teens say that parents are having helpful conversations with them about sex and related issues but there is disagreement about just how often. For example—89% of adults said that they’ve had a helpful conversation about sex, love, and relationships with their teens but only 71% of teens agree, according to a previous survey.

Parent Tip: Remember to monitor your children. Perhaps talking to your kids honestly about love, sex,and relationships may help them understand. They need guidance on what is good and bad for them.

Teen Tip: Help your parents out—be patient when they broach tough topics such as dating and relationships, and especially sex. It is very much awkward for them too!


“ A serious relationship is just deeply caring about the person you are with no matter what they want. Being in love has a huge part in that because if you
love someone you wouldn’t push them into anything that can jeopardize his/her future or their good practices in life and religion. Whatever it is GOD is watching take a good care of the trust and your beliefs in GOD”

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