Wednesday, 5 September 2007

My Ideal School


Some people may argue that school is a place to learn skills such as socialising,but this is not how I perceive it. For me,school is an education institution that increases your intellectual powers,not to fraternise with others. School time is precious, as only 5 hours the whole day are spent there and the rest of the time is to enjoy and to be free . No one can afford to waste it with petty conversations such as ‘do you want to have a party tonight?’ or ‘did you hear about what happened with Britney Spears?’. You can guarantee that the high expectations placed upon the students will never fail to be met or else. An ideal school should be based on interest and satisfaction which publically confirming the students talents and intelligence.
One of my cardinal aims in life is to personify a progressive school which focuses on developing a passion for living,science knowledge,medication knowledge,engineering knowledge and self knowledge in students. School nowadays,have a rote,one-size-fits-all curriculum,which is conducive to learning for only a small percentage of students. My ideal school would be communication-based,blending aspects of social work,conflict resolution,team building,high quality on technology and traditional learning. Classes would be limited to twenty students,a medium size enough to allow individual attention but large enough to furnish the feeling of belonging to a group.
Creative projects would be the cornerstone of the curriculum,incorporating all the life skills that make this method of education unique. The class would be presented with some brilliant ideas at the beginning or each project,and would also have the option of coming up with their ideas too. Some examples are raising money to donate to a charity, make a magazine every year about school, starting a website for easier to know about school, writing and recording an original song and make a special medium book to write about each student of the school. So, they would inevitably spring up along the way, giving the students a meaningful experience of what it is like to work on a real-world project. The teacher would have an important role,psychologically coaching the students through the highs and lows of the project and faciliting discussions to make them work better together and motivate themselves.
In my ideal school, each school day would begin with 45 minutes of discussions of the project that the class is currently pursuing. At 8 o’clock, the class will begin and over at 1 o’clock . Along the time, the classes would be divided between various subjects. For low standard class,first hour would be on developing a passion for living. The second hour, the class will possess science knowledge. Then the third hour will be on medication class. Then, engineering knowledge and the last hours will be self knowledge in students. Those are for low standard class. For high standard class are a little bit differents time table. The first hour will be studying on self knowledge in students and the second hour is science knowledge. The third hour is on developing a passion for living and the last hour is on engineering knowledge.
Before that, each of the students must sit for a diagnostic test to decidewhether they are in ‘low standard’ or ‘high standard’ class. The students who stay in high standard class, will be given a special air- conditioned class. My ideal school should have 3 floors,so,it is equipped with some lifts. Each floor have 2 classes. So, the low standard have 3 classes and high standard have 3 classes too. It will be easier for students,they do not have to climb stairs. At my ideal school, each of the students have one lap top. So, they can surf the internet,collecting data and save information anytime. It will be easier for them.
Everyday, at 3 o’clock till 5 o’clock in evening, curriculum activities wiil be held such as badminton, volleyball, football for boys, futsal for girls, netball, basketball, softball, hockey and tennis or indoor games like chess, puzzle, scrabble and others.It will be enjoying. Once per week, students would spend the entire afternoon in “Talking Time,” where they openly discuss their feelings about any issue, personal or school-related. These sessions would help to build relationships, foster the discussion of difficult issues, and congeal the class as a team. In the larger picture, Talking Time would help students to become communicative rather than sharing their issues, helping them to become happier adults in next generations. At 6 o’clock, all students will go back their home.
If these ideas could be successfully implemented, the learning environment in my school would be a fascinating self-journey, as useful for building emotional and physically knowledge as it would be for sharpening academic skills. Learning would be a fulfilling, exciting experience, and students wouldn’t have to dread school, as they do now. Foremost, when they are graduated, they would have firmly-instated sense of purpose that would make them ready to face the life in university. This is all my hope about my ideal school.

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